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Thursday, 18 July 2013

I was recently given the opportunity to work alongside six other mummy bloggers and take part in hosting a collaborative giveaway. There are seven blogs involved, all hosting an individual giveaway, so there are a total of seven prizes to be won!

The theme is 'Fun in the Sun', and all the prizes are fantastic Summer items for parents and their babies. 
Read on for more details, my rafflecopter giveaway and links to the other six!

There is nothing I love more than spending the day outside with Ollie - we are lucky enough to have quite a big garden, so with this glorious weather, all his toys have been outside, along with his paddling pool, and we've had hours of fun, getting fresh air and enjoying the warmth. I've also obviously been trying to get some cheeky sunbathing in, and am feeling a little less pasty for it!

I've also been putting Ollie outside for his morning nap, as its obviously warm enough for him and a great way for him to get some fresh air whilst catching up on sleep. The house is so stuffy, and I much prefer him to be outside. Seeing as its been so sunny and bright I've resorted to draping a blanket over his buggy as he sleeps so much better in the dark, but this obviously isn't an ideal solution as it forms a mini sauna inside the buggy so I have to go and keep flapping a bit of fresh air in, and it is also prone to slipping off if I decide to go for a walk with him whilst he's snoozing.

Therefore, when I was asked to take part in a collaborative giveaway and told that my prize would be the Snoozeshade, I was thrilled to be able to give this away to someone who reads my blog as it is a really useful solution to the problem I've been experiencing and I'm sure will be very handy for whoever wins it. I had seen other mums using snoozeshades and thought they looked clever but I didn't know what they were or where to get one - so I shall now be buying one for myself!

The Snoozeshade is an award-winning sleep and sun shade, which is breathable but also fits all pushchairs and stays put if you are out and about. It's a totally safe method of covering your baby and giving them a cool and shady place to sleep, and also provides SPF50 protection from the sun! It has a 'sneak-a-peek' zip at the front which allows you to discreetly check on your baby and is extremely lightweight - it fold sinto a drawstring bag so is easy to carry around. Obviously it is also just as handy for use in the winter months as it still provides a lightweight barrier to light and allows babies to snooze when out and about in their buggy.

It is only £19.99 available from which I think is really good value. You can also find it at, John Lewis, Mothercare, Kiddicare, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Tesco and other reputable nursery retailers.

If you would like to win one for yourself, all you need to do is fill in your details into the Rafflecopter below. Please note that this is only available to UK residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are all the other blogs taking part, where you can win more fantastic summer prizes!

Jennie at Edspire is giving away a Bundlebean Solar
Kirsty and Clara at My Two Mums are giving away a BabaSling Lite 
Kerry at Oh So Amelia is giving away a Lights Out Blind 
Rebecca at Mum of Three Boys is giving away a SwimTots nappy 
Charlotte at Write Like No Ones Watching is giving away a TotSeat 
Tina at Mother Geek is a giving away a bottle from Pacific Baby 


  1. These look really good! I'm always using a blanket too to get it dark enough for my little girl.
    Jennifer :)

  2. what a great giveaway :) my little one isn't due until january but I'm already planning for our first summer, and a paddling pool is definitely a part of this plan hehe I'd like to be able to nap the little one outside like you too, so I'd love to enter :) xxx

  3. I've been looking at these, we are off camping in a couple of weeks & they look fab for some al fresco napping!!

  4. to keep baby protected from a sun and keep him cool, so i would like to win one!

  5. I'm sure I have mentioned on this blog before I am expecting my first :)

    Girl About Chelts

  6. At the moment we have an umbrella to protect him but constantly have to move it whenever the path bends and when the suns low it just doesn't seem to cover him well.

  7. Oh I have been using a blanket, but it's fast becoming useless as Sam really likes sleeping in the dark-so this would be perfect!

  8. I've always wanted one! It looks ever so good!

  9. Oooh, this would be ideal for my little one!

  10. I would like to win one because my little one is constantly playing with his parasol which causes 2 problems - it's very rarely shielding him from the sun because he's moved it, and he won't drop off to sleep because the parasol is far too entertaining :o(

  11. My poor baby is always snoozing in the blazing sun - I just cannot for the life of me work out how to attach a blanket to the buggy, or even what kind of blanket to use. I'd love to have something purpose made - esp if it is something she can't pull off and gleefully discard!

  12. I would love one, what a great idea


  13. This is a great idea, I'n currently tying my mamascarf to my pram as a shade!xx

  14. I'd love to win this as I am struggling with the parasol that I have for my buggy as it does not give very good coverage where as this would keep my baby covered really well.

  15. Expecting a little girl soon and would be really useful for the hot summer days as well as naps...wanted one for ages but made do with an oversized muslin for my son!


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