My Bonkers Baby Boy

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I thought it was time to give you a little update on Oliver, who has, quite simply, become totally bonkers.

He first started crawling just before he turned 8 months old and within the space of a week he was tentatively pulling himself up and trying to explore more of the world around him.

Fastforward two months and my little boy is everywhere! He is cruising on everything, and has gained the confidence to now let go of whatever he is holding onto and just stand unsupported. I feel like walking is just around the corner.

Not only is he cruising everywhere but his crawling is high speed. I literally cannot put him down at all without him whizzing off into the next room. I think he understands the word 'quickly' because whenever I call him 'quickly quickly' he races towards me with a big grin on his face.

He is interested in anything and everything. Pulling things, grabbing things, putting everything in his mouth. He has this fantastic cheeky smile when he knows he shouldn't be doing something which he flashes me over one shoulder. For example, when he's reached up to my chest of drawers and is pulling all my clothes out over the floor. Or when he's grabbed the end of the loo roll and scrambled away with it, in similar style to the Andrex labrador puppy. Perhaps the most alarming is his new trick of climbing the stairs. He climbs an entire staircase without any help. I just stand behind him and marvel.

I've found myself reflecting a lot recently since the birth of Prince George, and the reality of how quickly Ollie is growing up is quite overwhelming. But I'm excited about it. We are already pencilling in plans for his first birthday and I'm excited. I'm excited that we're looking for a new house so we are in the catchment area for our favourite primary school and have more space for him. 

I'm also exhausted. People said to me that boys were hard work and its true that his boundless energy is tiring. I can't sit still, and days in work are actually more restful despite having a stressful busy job. He is also eating so much food but waking at 5am so I think my breastmilk isn't taking him through the night anymore. Watch this space on how that turns out....

My bonkers boy. Who knew that my quiet, content little baby would turn into such an excitable and energetic near-toddler. My house is a crazy baby-proofed zone and I am never off my hands and knees but it is worth every second. I love him so much. And who couldn't forgive that cheeky face?!



  1. Oh bless his little heart. It sounds like he is one confident, independent little guy. I think Ethan will be exactly the same!

    Great update and adorable pics!

    UK based Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

  2. He is so freakin adorable, my heart is melting! What a clever wee man he is! Xo

  3. As a mother of a soon to be 17 m old son(Oliver too:-) I can so relate to this 'boy thing'; enjoy!

  4. Awh he's so gorgeous! He reminds me of my nephew Mark who is 13 months, he has the same hair colour as your son, and by the looks of it, is equally bonkers! :)

    Sinead |

  5. Aww what a lovely update! N has been doing this rocking thing for a couple of weeks so think he is close to crawling. Could Ollie be going through a development leap? Might explain the waking at 5am xx

  6. It scares me how time is flying past, it seems to go even faster with your second if thats possible. Alex has started getting from one piece of furniture to another which scares me, i think he'll be walking soon too! x


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