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Thursday, 26 September 2013

People say that Primark is a bit like marmite, but I find myself both loving and hating it at the same time. The last time I went was almost exactly a year ago when I had just started my maternity leave and was about to have Oliver. I'd panicked that I had no clothes for the Autumn and Winter once I no longer had a bump, particularly clothes that were breast-feeding friendly. I dragged my husband and spent about two hours trying on woolly cardigans and shirts and trying to guestimate what would fit once I'd had Oliver. I suppose in a good way, I overestimated how big I'd be afterwards, or underestimated how quickly I'd lose weight, and the size 18 selection I purchased ended up being a tad 'over-sized'. This was comfy and practical at the time but a year on I am over two stone lighter and my autumn winter wardrobe consists of clothes from last year that are crazily too big for me, or clothes from two plus years ago which are pretty shabby now and thin on the ground.

Primark is a great solution when you want to spend as little money as possible, get a selection of reasonably fashion-forward clothes and bulk up your wardrobe. However it is horrible for a shopping experience and don't get me started on the changing room lighting! Despite this, I really needed some black/dark jeggings for winter, black pumps for work, some long-sleeved tops and some replacement woolly cardigans. I found the first two, but Primark was seriously lacking in the warmer tops department. Generally there seemed to be a lot of summer stuff left, unlike last year when the whole place was a-wash with knitwear by this time of year. I couldn't find long-sleeved tops at all so am going to head to H&M next week for some staples. I also browsed the baby department for the first time as Ollie has suddenly grown out of size 9-12m on the top half. Like his Daddy most of his length is in his torso so he is just about still in his 9-12m trousers.

Three jumper tops £5 each
Cream knitted cardigan £6
Black jeggings £7 (!!!)
Black flat pumps £4
Black and Tan riding boots £20

I think the quality of the three jumper-style tops is fantastic value. They have lovely detail like the elbow pads which are a really soft mock-suede, the buttons, quilting, shoulder pads, pocket etc. I also love the cardigan!

There was so much to choose from and I had to really cut down on my choices. I want to get Ollie some shirts and cardigans, but again I'm going to go to H&M as I've seen some I like on their website. Primark had a great selection of shirts (less so of cardigans) but they were mainly in colours which don't really go with the rest of his wardrobe! (Yes I am a sucker for coordinating and we are rocking navy, cream, tan, red and grey!)

The one thing I'm not sure about are the boots. I searched high and low for some knee-high boots last winter and ended up just not finding any at all. I like the 'riding' boot style and the two-tone makes them versatile. I just can't shake how cheap they look. The black plastic heel, the prominent zip on the inside leg. I've decided to keep them and just go with it. For £20 it's worth seeing how well they wear. Sometimes I think faux-leather boots look better as they get a little scuffed and dirty because they look less plastic. We shall see! They also come up really high, right up to cover the knee, which I'm not used to, but again, its better than nothing and nice to have some boots other than my Ugg boots when I want to be a bit smarter. I also love the houndstooth lining!

Where do you get your baby clothes from? Have you got any new things for yourself for Autumn/Winter?

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  1. I feel quite the same about Primani. It's great for getting basics for near to nothing but I just hate wading through the sea of casually discarded clothing. H&M is still my favourite shop! As for baby clothes, my favourite place to get them from is friends! I have hardly bought my kids anything, they wear hand me downs all the time. Usually great quality stuff from M&S, Next, Vertbaudet etc. When I do buy stuff myself I go to H&M or Primark or charity shops.


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