Born to Love

Thursday, 19 September 2013

My little boy was born to love, born to smile, born to dream, born to have fun...

He was born to have parents who loved him and treasured him. Who would watch him grow and teach him about the world. Who would take him to see beautiful interesting things and shield him from danger. He was born to live a happy life.

Mothercare have teamed up with Save the Children to raise funds for children across the world with a new clothing line aimed for 0-8 year olds. The money raised will help the charity continue to give children the chance to fulfil their potential, no matter where they're born or in what circumstances.

We were asked to review two tops from the range and to help spread the news of this campaign. They are beautifully made 100% cotton as with all Mothercare clothing, and bright vibrant colours which my little man loves. I'm sorry the photos of them are blurry but Oliver will not stay still for a second anymore. And that's the way it should be really. This is him. In real life. Being Happy.

The Born to Smile and Born to Have Fun t-shirts retail at only £5 each and £1 from every item sold will be donated to Save the Children.  There is a good selection of clothing to choose from including bibs and sleepsuits.

Please take a look at the collection here and consider adding to your little one's winter wardrobe or buying for a friend. 

Thanks for reading.

*We were sent the tops for the purpose of review. I already give money to Save the Children and shall continue to do so. Thank you to Mothercare for asking us to help.*


  1. Aw I love this post and that is fantastic of Mothercare! Adorable tops and Oliver looks SO happy! :) x

  2. Gorgeous tops for a gorgeous boy! And for a good cause too xx


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