SmarTrike Dream 4-in-1 Review

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hello there, it's Oliver again.

I wanted to write a review about my new brilliant toy, which is the new edition SmarTrike Dream 4-in-1. Mummy says she very kindly got sent it and was going to wrap it up for my Christmas present but Daddy got so excited he couldn't wait so I got to have it early! Yipee!

As you can see in my photos, it is a red tricycle with lots of special extra bits. We took it out for a spin at the weekend and went to the local playground.

Mummy says the most important thing to mention is that this trike is different to all others because it has touch steering, so its really easy for her to push me along, and the front wheel has a special patented swivel action which also makes it easy. Mummy says she really likes pushing me along in it and its easy to take control of with the adjustable steering column. I personally think she should let me pedal myself, although when I try to it gets a bit fiddly, so I like to just to dangle my feet. There are little footrests, but I have such big boy long legs, I prefer to dangle!

The tricycle has suspension, shock-absorbing wheels and a special pull out clutch for free-wheeling. (Mummy doesn't actually know what any of this means, nor do I, but Daddy seemed to think it was very impressive.)

It has lots of other bits to it, including a tipping box at the back, a phone and two little compartments at the front. Daddy took away the phone holder compartment because I kept chewing on it, which wasn't very fair. This is the bit that holds the brilliant phone that comes with the trike. But you can still put the phone in the front compartment.

There's also a little bag for Mummy to take her things. She put her phone and purse in it as she didn't want to take her big Mummy bag.

It was quite a sunny day but we decided we didn't need the sunshade that comes with this. Mummy says it will be really useful in the summer. We also had this on the first setting - it converts to four different stages so that as I get even bigger (although I am pretty grown-up already) it can adjust with me. The biggest boy stage doesn't have the steering column or anything so I will be able to whizz off myself! The stage it is on now has the nice comfy squidgy padding and the harness for me so I stay put, which I think is nice. Mummy loves it because it is removable and she can wash it! I don't know why Mummy gets so excited about the washing nowadays.

What do you think of my new Smart Trike?

You can read all the grown-up stuff about the SmarTrike here.

I think you should definitely put it on your Christmas lists.

Love from Oliver xxx


  1. Looks like Oliver is loving his trike! The little phone holder is so cute too.

  2. Love the saftey features and phone holder too cute!

  3. they seem to have thought of everything with this one! great toy!

  4. Your son seems to love his new ride!!

  5. This is such a cute post. I love the trike even more now! I think my son would be super happy being pushed around in one of these until he can pedal by himself. I love that the harness can be removed for washing as my son likes to eat and get everything messy while he is out and about, lol :) x

  6. Aww lovely post. My sons not so sure about his yet but im sure he'll come to love it once he can peddle.


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