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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just a very quick mid-week post because I am missing my blog but frantically busy with the house project. We now have internal stairs! So its all basically come together. Just plastering, fitting the en suite, a lick of paint and final fittings and we're in. I can't believe it.

Then they knock down our kitchen and re build the downstairs. The fun don't stop.

Today I wanted to quickly share something new and something old.... ish.

The new thing is I am on Instagram! My name is just


I actually had Instagram a few years ago before my blog but I decided to jump on the bandwagon again and am mainly posting photos of Ollie and updates of new posts. There is also a video of Ollie's first kiss with his best friend Ava! Which just makes my heart totally melt. What a charmer.

This was post-'kiss' frolicking....

Anyway please go and follow me if you have Instagram too and I will follow back. Currently my posts are private until I have accepted your request - this is because I may (drum roll please) make my Instagram non-annonymous. My fear of showing my face on my blog is that my pupils will discover me, but through selecting who I show my photos to on Instagram I'm protecting myself pretty well. So yes. Still deciding but my ugly mug may start popping up too.

The 'old' thing is a poem I wrote a year ago called The Month of May. I went through a phase of writing poetry and getting involved in a lot of linkies but then lost my confidence when I realised I could never write poetry as well as I wanted to.  However this poem means a lot to me because of its personal content. I find May really hard. If you want to know why then the poem says it all really so please pop over and visit.

In the mean time, I'm planning lots of upcoming posts so see you soon.

Thanks for reading,


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