Pregnancy Diary: 29 weeks

Monday, 28 July 2014

Eeek I'm late with this post and am technically 30 weeks today!

All of a sudden I am feeling a lot more excited and positive, despite being more busy and stressed with everything else than ever before: project house is in that final crazy stage where everything comes at once. 

I keep thinking about the baby, suddenly it's become real to me. We think we have a name which always helps me give the baby an identity and look forward. My husband has pretty much finished his room so I can start to properly plan things, collect the cot we're borrowing from a friend, etc.

I continue to be astounded at how strong the movement is. My midwife told me that each pregnancy the movements are stronger because your uterus is more stretched, but I'm sure this is because of the posterior placenta and also a more active baby. The baby feels so much closer to the surface, to the point where I can really feel through the skin his hard defined little body, and Ollie never moved this much! I'm starting to get used to baby's movement patterns and schedule. We definitely have a 5am party animal!

Physically I am absolutely enormous and a little annoyed at myself for becoming so big. I've put on 2 stone and weigh what I did when I gave birth to Ollie. I'm going  to try and be as healthy as possible in these last two months but we all know that the final trimester is the one when most people balloon. As long as I can stay healthy, but it is worrying me. I guess there was always going to be a side effect of a pregnancy with so much stress and disorder in my life with the house- I've just eaten too much. The start to my pregnancy with the extreme nausea and food being the only relief, didn't help matters.

I'm getting a bit puffy in the heat but nothing I'm worried about- generally the heat is a bit exhausting but I'm really not finding it that bad, the worst of it is I literally have two outfits which I'm rotating! I think a lot of my positive frame of mind stems from the fact that school has broken up and I have 6 weeks off. I'm trying to just embrace the joy I feel at not being in that place, but there's still the lingering worry of whether I will have to go back at the end of my maternity leave. Im trying to force myself not to even think about jobs and career stuff until the New Year. 

Our new kitchen is starting being fitted today too which is another source of joy- 10 weeks without a kitchen, without an oven, without running water and a kitchen sink. It's all nearly over!

How are you?

Thanks for reading xx

Pregnancy Diary: 28 weeks

Monday, 21 July 2014

Oh my goodness. I turn 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which means technically I'm in my 30th week. Which means it's not really that long to go now! 


We haven't bought anything. The baby's room is full of rubbish and half way through painted. 

Argh. Argh.

This week has been an odd one as my sick bug lasted till Wednesday. It was horrible, but two days off work with Ollie at nursery meant that I actually got a lot more rest than I have for a long long time, despite all the puking. Even though this sounds awful I think it did me good to not eat anything for a few days too as now I feel fully better, I am much less bloated and constipated, and my stomach has shrunk so I'm satisified on smaller portions and eating more sensibly.

I have now officially started the process of moving to a nearer hospital as I got sick of being told by every midwife I saw that I am likely to have a quick labour and my original hospital, an hours drive away in rush hour, was too much of a risk.

I guess I also better start looking out for some antenatal classes at my local Surestart. Not because I need to know anything new, but to meet other mums due at the same time which I always think is a big bonus. They will never replace my gorgeous NCT friends but none of them are pregnant with number 2 yet.

Why am I the only one who is crazy enough to be doing this?!

Our house is so so nearly there. Kitchen fitting starts a week tomorrow. We have succumbed and hired a painter to help as it's all got too much for my husband. So despite the expense, it feels good to know we're getting more help. 

Slowly getting there, and trying not to grumble about the heat too much!! 

Thanks for reading xx

Our House Project

Monday, 14 July 2014

It occurred to me the other day as I waded through the many drafted, nearly ready, posts I've got lined up, that I haven't actually properly filled you in on the house. For ever. I mean I've never actually done a post about it, just dropped hints here and there and have whinged a lot! I wrote a post about decoration inspiration and I also described the chaos that ensued when our scaffolding went up and was promptly ripped off, taking half the roof with it, a few days later during the hurricane. But I haven't actually really talked about what we've been doing or how it's been step by step. 

So. We decided to move house last year and wanted to try and find a forever home, or at least a good ten years home that would take Ollie through his primary school years. We wanted 4 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms so we could use the second as a playroom/family room. It was also my dream to have a really big kitchen. Once we started looking we realised that cost wise it would actually be a good idea to buy a three bed in need of some work, that we could simultaneously extend and do up. And so on December 12th we moved into our new home.

In January we started meeting with builders and realised that our fiercely and infamously restrictive council had recently changed planning laws and that rather than a two story side extension to make a bigger kitchen and a fourth bedroom above, we could only do single story at the side and then a loft conversion for extra sleeping space. The loft conversion meant removing all the first floor ceilings, then lowering them for more head room, and this was when the hurricane incident took place so Ollie and I moved out to our friends for 6 weeks. These 6 weeks fell from week 5-11 of my pregnancy so I was looking after Ollie by myself, who was very unsettled sleeping in a room with me and waking at 4am every day, plus battling morning sickness!! It's a time that I would rather forget! 

The loft conversion itself moved quite quickly and once we were able to move back in wasn't that disruptive to our every day life. It meant that all the upstairs rooms needed redecorating as the ceilings had been re plastered, but this had been the case anyway. 

The loft itself was finished in late May and we are thrilled to be in it. I will do a separate post showing it completely finished as there are still a few touches left to do such as hanging the curtains and pictures to go on the walls. But I love it. It's a beautiful massive room, with an en suite bathroom which I really love the finish of. It was a lot of work at the end for my poor husband as it ended up needing 4 coats of the paint we chose (a very soft heritage grey) and there were issues with the fitted furniture which the carpenter we employed kept messing up! Ah! But we got there eventually. What is lovely is that my husband left all the decorating choices up to me and whilst I have gone for a soft feminine look in most of the house, he says he really really likes it. It's very grown up. It felt like it was time to really embrace being parents and a bit older! Plus my mum recently moved house herself and due to downsizing has passed on a lot of spare antique furniture which really adds character.

After the loft it was time for the side extension. This meant completely moving out of the kitchen and putting a heap of boxes into the front living room, leaving just enough room to see the tv. Then we ended up setting up a temporary kitchen in the play room, which includes a baby bath for a sink, a 1 ring camping gas burner and many more boxes of the stuff we needed more access for. Living in one room with a table taking up most of it has been the biggest challenge. There's nowhere for Ollie to play, or to properly prepare food, and everywhere there are piles of receipts and to-do lists for the build, which every day seems to get more complicated. 

The good news is we are definitely on the home stretch as the new kitchen is built, currently being plastered, and the kitchen units being made by a local family run business who make beautiful bespoke kitchens. Fitting begins on the 28th.  In the mean time my husband is finishing painting the bedrooms and the hall has been plastered ready to be paint, and eventually we shall have carpets fitted rather than walking on dusty temporary floorboards! Then it will be a case of doing a massive clean up, decorating the remaining downstairs rooms and moving into the kitchen, establishing the playroom as an actual room to play in and the living room as somewhere to relax in! We need to re do the driveway which got destroyed by scaffolding posts being ripped through it, and now we have a garage at the side of the house, which leads to the utility room, leading to kitchen, we no longer need the large 1930s garage which is stuck mid way down the garden and now inaccessible. 

So there's stuff left, but I feel like we are getting really close. Probably the best thing so far is I have my piano back :) 

I'm very grateful to those of you who have sent messages of support and let me whinge along the way, without actually knowing what was really going on! It's a project we took on ourselves, so in theory all this stress is self induced, but of course you never realise the impact of doing something like this until you're living in it. We are very lucky and work very hard to be able to take out the mortgage which gave us the money to extend and I feel idiotic complaining about living in one cramped room when there are children sleeping on the streets. However, our reality for 6 months has been dusty, noisy, stressful and unsettling, and I will look back on this as a period of time that was exciting but not something I want to repeat! A benefit from it all is that I have entirely managed the financial budget and build project myself, and have developed a real interest in project management and interior design, even though after bricks and mortar we haven't had much money left over for wallpaper! 

Would anyone like to employ me?! I'm very good at holding tight the purse strings! 

I hope you'll enjoy seeing the finished photos...coming soon...

Thanks for reading xxx

Pregnancy Diary: 27 weeks

So this week has been a pretty intense and crappy one. On Tuesday and Thursday, my days off, all sorts of things were going wrong at the house, such as burst soil pipes, which resulted in all water and electricity being turned off and me scrambling around with a toddler amid chaos. Then Wednesday and Friday I had two really long days at work, Wednesday I got home at 10.30pm and Friday half past midnight! To say I was looking forward to a restful weekend would be an understatement, then we were woken by Ollie at 5am on Saturday morning who promptly projectile vomitted all over me. Then again. Then again. And then I started vomitting. 

So I've spent all weekend with a sick bug. I was never sick when heavily pregnant last time and I can't begin to say how awful it's been. Whenever I get sick (which is rarely) I get very strong stomach cramps which I think is just my body's way of reacting to it, so this was very painful and scary whilst pregnant. The fact that Ollie was ill and then my mum who was up visiting got ill too, allayed my fears that it was something wrong with the baby, rather a bug we were all sharing, but I did check my blood pressure a few times nonetheless on my husbands home machine as vomitting and stomach pain is a sign of pre-eclampsia.

Another reassurance has been that baby is moving so much, it's quite overwhelming. I've said it before but Ollie just wasn't like this. I feel baby moving so strongly and he pushes himself up and right under the skin you can feel so much of him. It is lovely on the one hand but also can be really uncomfortable! I wonder if this means we are going to have a wriggly active baby on our hands. Ollie was so passive and calm from day one which reflected how he'd been inside me! We shall see. 

I have triggered my perinatal referral so waiting to hear back from that but I've been a mess this week from sheer exhaustion and misery at being ill when I needed to rest. I'm hoping I can catch up this week but things are really really stressful with the house so I'm not sure how it will all go. At least I only have another week of work and then I have 6 weeks of summer holidays which really is a huge blessing and will make up for all the madness.

How are you?

Thanks for reading xxx

Pregnancy Diary: 26 weeks

Saturday, 5 July 2014

My pregnancy app tells me that this is the last week of the second trimester which is pretty exciting. I'm never sure whether it's week 27 or week 28 but nevertheless I'm definitely moving into a new phase.

I was actually too scared to weigh myself all week as I know I'm eating a bit too much and not as healthily as I could be. It's ridiculous because I'll spend 15 minutes preparing a really healthy platter for Ollies lunch with sliced ham, some cheese, toast, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi etc (the boy eats a lot) and then I'll literally have a slice of plain toast with a slice of ham and ignore all the fruit I've been cutting up for him. I'm plagued by a constant desire for sugar, which I am doing fairly well ignoring, but I do miss my pregnancy state with Ollie when all I fancied was fresh crunchy salad.

...The fact that I have no where to really prepare fresh crunchy salad is another issue which I will address in another post soon about the house progress...

I am starting to think a lot more about the  new baby and it's starting to get a bit real. We are decorating his room this week which will make a big difference and I've started looking at pram options.

Physically I feel ok-ish.... On days when I'm at home with Ollie I'm a lot more physical and spend a lot more time on the floor which means by about 5pm my pelvis has usually seized up and I'm in agony. This got to the point where I couldn't actually stand up straight and walk to answer the front door to our builder and had to crawl. I need to ring the physios but there is just so much going on. This doesn't happen on days when I've been at work, I just feel tired and achey.

I've noticed this week a few prickly pains in my boobs which takes me back to my breastfeeding days and milk let down sensation so I'm sure some milk productions going on. I'm really excited about breastfeeding another baby and hoping with all my might that I don't have a reluctant latcher like Ollie was. At least I'll have a years worth of nursing experience on my side, but the reality with Ollie at the start was that it didn't matter what I did, he just didn't want to cooperate. So we shall see. There'll definitely be another post about that coming.

Bump is enormous and baby is wriggling and kicking so strongly it surprises me all the time. I guess maybe it's having the placenta posterior this time round but I feel everything so much more. The odd Braxton Hick has appeared again but at 26 weeks this is far more normal so I'm embracing it. In a weird way I always have found them comforting as it's a reassurance that my body is practising and knows what to do. I also think (founded on no knowledge or evidence whatsoever) that it's a sign that my labour will progress well as it did with Ollie, as my uterus seems keen to contract even now!

I can't believe I just referred to my own uterus being keen on something.

I think that's about it, I've been a bit spotty again, my hands are looking a tiny bit fatter than usual, but I'm plodding along.

Mentally speaking, I've received a referral letter from a perinatal support service and I have to ring them to activate it. Then they contact me to arrange counselling. I've had a much better week this week and something has stopped me picking up the phone. I still have another week to call then I lose my referral, so maybe I will. There's just something holding me back. Maybe it's hope that I'm coming out the other side of a bad patch and it will all be okay...

How are you?

Thanks for reading xxx
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